Leawood, Kansas, April 16, 2021OTC PR WIRE YEP, Inc., (“YEP”), an innovative sales and marketing company, announced today that it has entered an exclusive global distribution agreement with Wellness Labs LLC for the manufacture and supply of Axiom8, a new, non-alcohol 5-hour clinically proven skin protectant for both consumer protection and workplace use in all global markets.

Rick Anson, CEO of Wellness Labs and YEP VP of Product Innovation commented, “Axiom8 is a game changer for both personal and workplace protection. Axiom8 has clinically proven 5-hour protection against 13 viruses, 99.99% of germs, and fungi.”

Axiom8 is an FDA approved, non-alcohol gel sanitizer for daily protection delivered in convenient one-ounce bottles as well as in calibrated dispensers for hospitals, workplaces, cruise ships, gyms, and sporting events. Axiom8 is being introduced into several countries and is being distributed to Olympic athletes for superior virus and germ protection.

Jimmy Ezzell, Chairman and CEO of YEP stated, “The superior Axiom8 technology provides YEP with a cutting edge personal and workplace protectant for YEP distributors and countries worldwide.  We foresee tremendous opportunity for sales as well as for health and safety globally with this agreement with Wellness Labs.”

About Wellness Labs LLC

Wellness Labs LLC is a product developer and intellectual property company based in Idaho.  Wellness Labs has (1) created advanced CBD products utilizing a micelle technology for superior absorption, specifically for CBD beverages, (2) developed specialized delivery systems that optimize personal health and wellness with a focus on environmental protection, and (3) cemented global partnerships for sanitizing (PPE) items for personal and workplace protection for commercial and hospital applications.

About YEP, Inc. 

YEP is a sales and marketing company with proprietary products and services, selling through affiliate marketing, direct sales, wholesale and direct channels.  Our affiliate members use our fully integrated and proprietary online platform to grow and track all aspects of their businesses and to select from several tiers of access to our subscription-based platform.  The platform provides our members with: training for social media marketing and content development; lead generation, sales and customer retention; and business strategy, business management, customer support and specialized growth tools. We are an engaged online community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners working together, supporting each other, and learning from each other. Please see www.yeptribe.com, www.axiom8.com.

Forward-Looking Statement

Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: Statements in this news release looking forward in time involve risks and uncertainties, including the risks associated with the effect of changing economic conditions, product market trends, variations in the company’s cash flow, market acceptance risks, technical development risks, seasonality and other risk factors.

For inquiries, please contact C. J. Floyd, CFO, at (941) 928 – 2019 or cj@yeptribe.com or Rick Anson, VP of Product Innovation, at rick@yeptribe.com


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