Providence Film Group, A Valiant Eagle Inc. (PSRU) Subsidiary, Momentously Signs EB-5 Agreement For Its Film Production Slate and Regional Center

Beverly Hills, California, April 19, 2021 – OTC PR WIRE – After years of preparation and groundwork, Providence Film Group (“PFG”), a subsidiary of Valiant Eagle Inc. (OTC Pink: PSRU), utilizing the EB-5 Affiliate Network (EB5AN), has executed an EB-5 sponsor agreement to secure funding of its nearly $50M film and television production slate.  

Providence Film Group, A Valiant Eagle Inc. (PSRU) Subsidiary, Hires Industry Icon, Franco Sama

  Beverly Hills, California, April 13, 2021 – OTC PR WIRE – PROVIDENCE FILM GROUP, a Valiant Eagle Inc. subsidiary (OTC Pink: PSRU), is proud to announce the appointment of Hollywood luminary, Franco Sama, as consultant and advisor to its upcoming slate of motion picture productions. He boasts nearly two decades of independent film development,

Valiant Eagle Inc. (PSRU) Signs Another Team Reservation Agreement with The American Basketball Association

Beverly Hills, CA, March 10, 2021 – OTC PR WIRE – Valiant Eagle Inc. (OTC Pink: PSRU) is pleased to announce that it has signed an ABA Team Reservation Agreement to launch a professional basketball team in the prestigious city of Beverly Hills, California. The location and team name have yet to be determined, but

Mike The Pike Productions (OTC: MIKP) Announces: Arowana Media Holdings Acquires Worldwide Film and Television Rights to Iconic Vampirella Universe

   LOS ANGELES, CA, March 2, 2020 – OTC PR WIRE – Mike The Pike Productions, Inc. (OTC Pink: MIKP) Announces today that its subsidiary Arowana Media Holdings, Inc., (https://www.ArowanaMedia.com) a media holdings company with a focus on transcendent storytelling across film, television, digital media, and other entertainment mediums, has acquired the worldwide film/television/streaming rights

American Basketball Association Canada Inc., a Valiant Eagle Inc. (PSRU) Subsidiary, Presents Its Newly Created Company Logo

Los Angeles, California, February 10, 2021 – OTC PR WIRE – American Basketball Association Canada Inc., a Valiant Eagle Inc. (OTC PINK: PSRU) subsidiary, is pleased to present its newly created company logo.     It incorporates the colors of the American Basketball Association but the 11-pointed maple leaf that is found on the National


  FORT MYERS, FL, February 5, 2021 — OTC PR WIRE — WhereverTV Broadcasting Corp. (OTC PINK: TVTV), which endeavors to deliver Over The Top (OTT), prepaid, no-contract, subscription television services to a variety of devices including smartphones, TabletPCs, streaming media players, computers and connected TVs, announced today that it has received $1.5 million in

Valiant Eagle Inc. (PSRU) Reveals Renderings Of A New Six-Building Soundstage Facility For Its Subsidiary, Providence Film Group AND Provides An Update On The American Basketball Association

  Los Angeles, California, January 5, 2021 – OTC PR WIRE – We at Providence Film Group, a Valiant Eagle Inc. subsidiary (OTC PINK: PSRU), are pleased to reveal the final renderings for our six-building Los Angeles soundstage facility, Providence Studios.     The need for premium soundstages has driven Valiant Eagle to develop this

ReelTime Receives NASDAQ Approval Reserving Rare Two Letter Ticker Symbol “RT”

SEATTLE, WA, November 12, 2020 – OTC PR WIRE – ReelTime VR/ReelTime Media (OTC PINK: RLTR) ReelTime has received notification from NASDAQs symbol reservation department stating that “Your request to reserve the ticker symbol “RT”, for ReelTime Rentals, Inc. has been approved and will be reserved for you for twenty four months from the date of the reservation 11 March 2022.


Los Angeles, CA, October 21, 2020 – OTC PR WIRE – A month ago, Valiant Eagle, Inc. (“VE”) (OTC PINK: PSRU) signed a share option agreement to acquire controlling interest in the American Basketball Association (ABA). A major initiative of the ABA, the largest professional sports league in the US, is to build venues for

Providence Film Group, A Valiant Eagle Inc. (PSRU) subsidiary, enters Development with Subplot Entertainment

Los Angeles, California, October 6 – OTC PR WIRE – Providence Film Group, a Valiant Eagle Inc. subsidiary (OTC PINK: PSRU) and film production company has entered development with Subplot Entertainment on the female-led horror film, “The Knock,”. The Knock is a horror film that takes place during quarantine and plays on our everyday fears.

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