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We fundraise so that every Mexican child, gets the best surgical heart treatment and attention. We do this by supporting a group of outstanding doctors in an innovative hybrid model combining efforts of the public and private sector. This allows us to increase the number of children we can help while improving the quality of each surgery. Kardias provides the highest quality of treatment for Mexican children with congenital heart defects.


One in every 100 children is born with congenital heart disease. In Mexico every year 19,000 children are born with heart disease but only 6,500 receive treatment resulting in the death of many children who could have been treated and live a healthy and normal life.


Kardias provides heart surgeries for more than 200 children every year with a survival rate of 95%. In February of 2019 Kardias inaugurated a new center for pediatric surgery at the best hospital in Mexico increasing our capacity by 47%. The increased capacity means that more surgeries can be performed on Mexico’s poorest children. Your support will help us save their lives.

Long-Term Impact

Our joint effort of public and private sectors reduces the waiting list of public hospitals giving timely attention to children in vulnerable populations. Children born with heart malfunctions when treated live healthy and normal lives; when not treated promptly they develop lung damage, suffer learning disabilities, a lag in brain development and emotional distress. With Kardias children will receive treatment of congenital heart disease with high standards of international level.


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